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Learning about Villanova’s Impressive Mentorship Program

Today I’d like to discuss the Mentorship Program Information Session that occurred on October 23rd as apart of the professional development program at Villanova. During the presentation, led by the head of the mentorship program at Villanova, Michele Gianforcaro, information regarding the business school’s mentorship program was shared amongst students. It was specifically discussed how the mentorship program works, who the mentors are, and the benefits it provides to students. 

The mentors involved in the mentorship program are Villanova alumni who have more than three years of work experience in a business environment. Quite obviously, they also seek to share their acquired knowledge with students. Students can join the mentorship program and form a relationship with a mentor once they declare a major — typically during their sophomore year. Throughout this relationship, the mentee will develop skills and gain insight into being a business professional. Communication between mentor and mentee will occur quite frequently, typically anywhere from multiple times a week to once a month, based upon how devoted the mentee is to their development. 

As apart of the information session, there were current mentees present to share their experiences with the program. The mentees unanimously agreed that the mentorship program is most beneficial to those who put forth the most time and care to maintain the relationship. Students who put forth the most effort will have the ability to develop genuine professional relationships with their mentors, and reap all the benefits the mentor has to offer. Mentor and mentee will converse multiple times a week, granting ample amounts of time for students to take in as much knowledge as possible. Considering one’s mentor is based in their field of interest, this serves as a massive kickstart to their development as a business professional. 

Villanova business students who are not yet involved in the mentorship program should reconsider their current stance. The mentors involved within the program are legitimate business professionals who have a lot of knowledge to offer and possess skills that cannot be learned in a formal educational environment. Considering how well-spoken Ms.Gianforcaro and the fellow mentees were, I would recommend taking a visit to the O’Donnell Center for Professional Development as soon as possible. 

For more information regarding the mentorship program, and becoming a mentee visit accordingly: VSB Mentorship Program


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